Wireless Scale for NASCAR


Wireless Scale for NASCAR

A race car is weighed by placing a load cell pad under each wheel. If the wheel pads are connected to a read-out console via cables, sooner or later the cables get trashed. A wireless connection between the wheel pads and the readout solves this problem.

When the client arrive at Makago, they had a wireless scale, but it had a problem. If you stood by the right rear wheel, the readout could not read the left front weight. The body of the car was shielding the RF signal.

To solve the problem, I used a “mesh” network. In this mesh, the wheel pads and the readout all share information.┬áIf a pad or the display can see just one other device, all the information get through.

Zigbee and other mesh network were just hot-air specifications when I did this project. So, I invented my own mesh network protocol. That was fun.